The Olympus Lens Camera Goes from Open-Source Experiment to Patent

Olympus Lens Camera

The Olympus lens camera is on step closer to becoming a reality as Egami reports the Japanese camera company has filed a patent for the technology. The new patent reveals the Olympus’ lens camera will work just like the Sony QX1, allowing users mount their lenses onto a standalone camera sensor and pair it to their smartphones.

What’s more the patent describes the device as being able to switch modes of operation “in response to physical contact” likely with a smartphone. Supposedly when your phone makes contact the device it will switch between shooting mode and wireless communication. One theory is the lens camera will utilize NFC to identify when it is connected to make the switch, whereas Olympus cameras have used QR codes to simplify the first time smartphone pairing.

Revealed earlier this year at Photokina, Olympus initially introduced its lens camera concept as an Open Platform camera with the goal to partner up with developers around the world. The company originally stated it wanted to “pioneer a new world of experiences that will change the world of cameras and photography.” Now it seems Olympus is moving forward with turning it into a commercial device.

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Kevin Lee

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