Jason Lanier Spends 24 Mins Explaining Why He Left Nikon for Sony

Metabones Nikon G Mount Lens to Sony E-mount GServo-3643-20140727

Usually when we hear about the brand wars, it’s about Canon vs Nikon. And to that end, we usually hear about why a photographer goes from one brand to the other. But it’s rare that we will hear about a photographer that left one of those two brands for Sony. However, photographer Jason Lanier decided to spent 24 minutes on the subject.

Over and over again, he says that DSLRs are going the way of the dinosaurs and that there are features that Sony does that DSLRs should be doing. Amongst the reasons why he left Nikon are the Sony A7s and the A6000. He cites the speed and high ISO abilities of the cameras amongst just how good the files are as other reasons. Plus he talks about the advantages of an EVF over an OVF and WiFi connectivity with the cameras.

Though we’re big lovers of mirrorless cameras ourselves, we have to admit that the EVF is the reason why mirroless camera battery life sucks. But we’ve got ways to fix that.

Jason’s video on why he switched from Nikon to Sony is after the jump.