The Steadsnap Helps You Go Between Your Tripod and Sling Strap


Photographers (namely sports shooters) looking for a way to go between their monopods/tripods and their sling straps may want to check out the brand new Steadsnap. It’s a low profile adapter that mounts onto the bottom of your camera and lets you connect both a tripod mounting plate and a sling strap connector.

Created by photographers Yuri and Dmitri in Canada, the Steadsnap was inspired by the daily rigors that a medical photographer at a hospital has to go through (as Yuri is one.) He needs to shoot both photos and video, and needed a more seamless transition. As the video after the jump shows, you can consider the Steadsnap almost like a hub for all your mounting accessories providing that your tripod and monopod use the same type of heads and threads.

According to the company’s blog, the prototypes were made from a single piece of aluminum until they decided to change to steel, but more on par with the same materials that aircraft machinery is made from. You can pick yours up for $34.99.

Their demo video is after the jump.

how to STEADSNAP from Yuri Markarov on Vimeo.

Chris Gampat

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