Canon Teases a Large Zoom and Sensor Premium Compact Camera

grote zoom Canon camera 2

Following the woefully disappointing announcement of Canon’s hyped up ad campaign, it appears the Japanese camera company might actually have something exciting to introduce in the near future. Canon Watch spotted a large sensor powershot camera on Canon’s Netherlands website. The camera is briefly appears in a video clip shrouded in shadows with a silhouette that looks strikingly similar to the Canon’s EOS M cameras. The mystery camera is labeled as a grote zoom (big zoom) later model next to the Powershot G1X Mk II and recently announced G7X.

Considering the position of this rumored compact camera, it’s safe to assume it will feature the same 1.5-inch 12.8MP CMOS sensor in the G1X Mk II plus a longer zoom lens that extends beyond a 24-120mm focal length range.

Canon Watch also reports that the camera appeared with a short introduction that stated, “Canon is committed to offer top notch picture quality a compact camera. The new model in the Expert Compact range combines a large sensor and powerful zoom for superb pictures from afar.”

Chances are we’ll see this camera shortly with PhotoPlus beginning later this month, so stay tuned for more and catch another glimpse of this mystery camera after the jump.

Via Canon Watch

grote zoom Canon camera

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.