Leica Celebrates 100 Years by Recreating 35 Famous Images

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When it comes to photography, almost no one disputes that Leica has had an impact on its history. And to celebrate their centennial anniversary, the Leica Gallery in Sao Paulo released a beautiful video recreating 35 of the most famous images ever shot. It pays homage to Magnum’s Founder Bresson amongst many other photographers that helped to define the genre and push future photographers even further.

In the video, they state that not every famous photo was taken with a Leica, but that they invented “photography.” By that they partially mean that they helped to move photography out of the studios and into the streets and real life–which is indeed true. Leica cameras helped many photographers build the foundations of photojournalism.

The video is after the jump: but before you view it we’d like to warn you that a brief couple of seconds are NSFW.

Chris Gampat

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