This Diana Shaped Pinhole Camera is Made from Cardboard


All images by Ray Panduro. Used with permission

Photographer Ray Panduro runs a blog called Pixel Analogo. He recently messaged us to show us one of his creations: a pinhole camera formed in the shape of a Diana, but completely made of cardboard. “I love to do photography DiY stuff and share what I know about the topic in my blog. I found that it is complicated to find content in Spanish, especially about analog photography so this is my way to share my love about photography,” says Mr. Panduro. “I have built in the past some pinhole cameras but it was not until this year that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to take more pinhole photos and with that building the cameras using simple materials, not just do the ordinary pinhole oatmeal or box camera I wanted to replicate the common film cameras that wanted me to grab them every day and shoot.”

Ray states that he chose the Diana because he actually owns one and so replicating it was the simplest for him. He also chose it because 120 film is one of the simplest to use for pinhole photography due to always knowing how many frames you have left to shoot with a little back window on the camera. “No need to waste film guessing how much film you need to advance with the knob.”

The camera works by a sliding shutter that moves sideways with an aperture is f/150 for the Diana for its 40mm focal length for a 6×6 film frame. More images of the camera and images from the camera are after the jump.














Chris Gampat

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