Old Camera With Film Inside Gives Photographer a Beautiful Light Leak Image Set

01 - Its a Dacora Dignar

All images belong to Oliver Wiegner. Used with permission.

When you purchase any sort of old camera, you usually don’t expect there to be film inside. But when there is, it’s always a treat to see what you get. Take Oliver Wiegner for example: he went to a local flea market and picked up the Dacora Digna pictured above. These cameras were made in the 1950s–but when purchased, Oliver discovered a roll of AgfaColor 125 film inside that was shot sometime in between 1991-1998: which believe it or not is around 20 years ago.

“As I further inspected it I noticed that it was a medium format camera. It had that small little window on the back where you can see the numbers on the backing paper of 120 film. I looked through the window and discovered that I could see the number nine (attached a picture of the frame counter).” stated Mr. Wiegner. “At first I hesitated to buy it, because I thought ‘Yeah, I don’t really like shooting fully manual and if theres nothing on the film I’d have wasted money…but on the other hand, if there are photos on it…’. At last, I bought it for 10€ and I’m really happy with that decision!”

What Oliver found is a plethora of interesting images that were accompanied by loads of light leaks. Apparently the camera wasn’t sealed correctly but delivered images that are otherwise interesting and kind of trippy.

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03 - iUYJLJY

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13 - KO1da4N

12 - ezPI70E

11 - UwiI9N9

10 - PgN5H6U

09 - p12gOpl

08 - AmGmaUT

07 - OrLH38X

06 - nlp6ETt

05 - OYEN8Xx

04 - 91Sx6me

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