The Fujifilm X-T1 Might Get a Silver Variant

julius motal the phoblographer fujifilm x-t1 silver

That low-res image is a mockup of a silver-graphite variant of the venerable Fujifilm X-T1. According to the folks at Fuji Rumors, a Japanese site leaked the image of the yet-to-be-released option. If anyone finds the all-black X-T1 to be too understated, you can pick one of these up when it transcends the rumor-scape into reality.

There are also some $100-off deals right now on Fuji glass. The 35mm f1.4 is going for $499. The 23mm f1.4 is going for $799. The 14mm is going for $799, too.

We really, really liked the Fujifilm XT1 when we first reviewed it, and since then one of staffers went on to purchase one. Plus we’ve seen that it’s great for things like shooting weddings and lots more. Personally, we think that the camera looks better in black and most folks will go purchase that one anyway. However, silver cameras surely do tend to look nice–as per Fujifilm’s X100s. We hope that it doesn’t come in the shade of silver that we see above and instead maybe something a bit more chrome looking. Additionally, it may mean that some silver lenses may be on the way too.