Reports State That The Nikon D750 Might Be Coming Next Week

My Nikon D700

Word on the Internet street says we will finally see a Nikon D700 successor within the next 10 days. Nikon Rumors is hedging a bet the Japanese camera company will announce Nikon 750 on September 11th or five days before Photokina properly starts on September 16th. Supposedly the full frame DSLR will also feature a 51-point AF system, which would be all too surprising since the Nikon D810 and D4s already use this setup.

A few other early reports suggested the Nikon D750 will feature a 24.3MP sensor and 8fps in continuous shooting mode. Of course the big question is whether the D750 will be the speed king its predecessor was.

For too long Nikon users have been clamoring for a new fast writing camera. As it stands the D810 is more of resolution monster that tops off files too slowly, meanwhile, the D610 is a full frame DSLR made for regular consumers. Hopefully in a few days we’ll report on the all-new Nikon D750, until then stay tuned for more.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.