500px Now has Groups and Discussion Boards; and It’s About Time

500px Groups and Discussions 500px is already a great community for photographers looking for praise and criticism. Now the photography community is launching groups and discussions into beta. 500px community members to create discussion boards around a central creative topic as well as join groups that cater to their interests.

On top of adding their voice to discussions, users will also be able upload their images and start new conversations. Like or hate something someone said? Just up or down vote it. 500px also says its working on adding more features soon including group creation, whereas currently community members can only join groups 500px has made itself.

To join the conversation users simply need visit the 500px Groups beta page. While 500px is just adding discussions now, Flickr has had them for quite some time, but it never hurts to conversate in even more place about photography.


Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.