You Totally Want This Semi-Amateur Photographer T-Shirt


You’re not a professional or even a semi-pro: let’s be honest here. So instead, you can easily be called a semi-amateur photographer–or at least that’s what this T-shirt from the Chivery says you are. The very tongue-in-cheek creation is poking fun at Instagrammers in their on-site description. It states “Chive on, all you aspiring shutterbugs. Trust us – this t-shirt will get you where you’re going. Which just might be nowhere fast. But at least you’re not standing still.”

If anything, at least it will make you feel better when you’re rockin’ that Sony A7r on full auto mode.

Want a semi-amateur photographer t-shirt to call your own? The shirts will cost you around $28 and are available for both men and women.

Via the Holdfast Gear Tumblr

Chris Gampat

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