Useful Photography Tip #104: Angle a Nose Against Skin When Shooting a Portrait

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Phase One IQ250 more with Nat (1 of 2)ISO 1001-160 sec at f - 2.8

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When you’re shooting a portrait of a person, keep in mind that one of the facial features that everyone is self-conscious about is their nose. If you shoot it straight on, it can look a little large and if you shoot it at too extreme of an angle it can be downright unflattering. The secret to making a nose look better has to do with angling it at just the right way to still look natural. And guess what–folks that have been doing selfies and photos back in the Myspace days have been doing it for years.

The secret has to do with tilting the face at an angle just a bit to the left or the right. This helps to hide the size of the nose and also makes the eye think that it is smaller than it actually really is by making it blend in with the rest of the skin on the face/cheek.

What also helps is proper lighting. Harsh, direct light coming from either direction could leave a shadow that makes the nose look enormous. So a great idea is to use a reflector and/or overexpose the image enough so that the shadows are very subtle or completely gone.

Trust us–folks will love you for your portraits that much more when you actually put the effort into posing.


Chris Gampat

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