The New Hoya EVO Antistatic Filters Repel Dust

Tiffen Antistatic filters

Hoya just announced a new line of filters that they’re claiming will repel dust. They’re called the EVO Antistatic filters, and not only are able to repel dust off of them, but they are also claiming that they have a 99.8% light transmission rate–which is really only 0.1% better than previous generations of filters. But they’re saying that it will have virtually no effect on the white balance and contrast. Besides these features, Hoya is saying that the coatings are water resistant, stain and scratch resistant and they’re also claiming that the filters will clean easily when smudged.

These filters are designed for professionals and are meant to protect the expensive gear that they own. In real life though, dust on your lens doesn’t really affect the image quality at all because the particles are so small and so close to the front element that it’s negligible. But it’s a nice touch if you’re going out into the desert since it will keep the lens clean and sand out of the lens.

The new EVO ANTISTATIC series of filters consist of a Protector, UV, and Circular Polarizer in sizes ranging from 37mm to 82mm. There is no official word on pricing yet, but we’re not expecting these to be affordable given the science behind them.

Chris Gampat

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