The Saline Project Showcases Awesome GIFs of Classic Horror Characters

006_the_vampire_mvhv 2

All images created by The Saline Project. Used with permission.

Something scary but really cool comes this way with The Saline Project’s awesome series “Monsters, Villains, Heroes and Victims.”

The same studio that brought us that awesome dystopian-themed Mars Volta video for “Televators” and those bizarre Dunkin Donuts commercials that involved fire breathers, a small army of welders, and a dragon are back with an awesome project that will delight graphic novel fans and horror movie enthusiasts alike.

Brothers Adam and Ben Toht and 3D artist Jesse Roff teamed up again to bring us this awesome series of animated GIF images, featuring the horror characters in history we all know and love to be terrified of – the Frankenstein monster, a wolfman, Dracula, and the Loch Ness monster, to name a few. The images’ stereoscopic effect and film noir look combined make these characters extra creepy, as if you’re watching one of those classic black-and-white horror movies in 3D or worse, stuck in one of your nightmares.

Dubbed “MVHV” for short, this horror series is classic yet refreshing at the same time and a must-see for everyone. See some of the images from it after the jump.









007_the_zombie_mvhv 2