Panasonic May Launch a Fixed Lens Compact Camera with a Four-Thirds Sensor

Panasonic GF6

According to a post in 4/3 Rumors, Panasonic’s set to announce a new Four-Thirds fixed lens compact camera sometime around late August or early September. The announcement, sources claim, will come ahead of Photokina. The folks at 4/3 Rumors have pegged this as an FT5 rumor, which has an 81-99% of actually happening, but we’ll believe it when we see it. One of their cadre of sources has also claimed that it will not be in the LX line, which could mean that we won’t see an overpriced Leica adaptation. But of course, who’s to say?

More over, this might be Panasonic’s attempt to inject life into what reports state is its flagging photography business. It was rumored in April that the company might not update its G and GF line of cameras this year, which is worth noting because both lines have seen refreshes every year, with the most recent two (the G6 and GF6) in April 2013. This is a damn shame because the company makes great cameras, with the GH4 being the most affordable 4K-capable camera there is, and they’ve got great lenses, to boot.

If it’s not a G, a GF or an LX, then what could it be? Time will certainly tell.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available, and we’ll be sure to review it, too.