Panasonic May Not Introduce New G- and GF-Series Cameras This Year

Panasonic GF6

It’s not every day that you get a non-announcement, but today is such a day. According to recent reports, Panasonic may not introduce new G and GF-series cameras this year. Why is that worth noticing, you may ask? Well quite simply because so far, both Micro Four Thirds camera series have had update cycles of about a year, and the last two models–the G6 and GF6–were both introduced a year ago in April 2013. That would make about now the time for an upgrade.

But according to this report over at 43rumors, Panasonic might not upgrade either series this year, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. For one, they recently introduced the GM-series which kind of replaces the GF-series as the small entry-level Micro Four Thirds offering. That is, apart from its higher price tag. And instead of introducing a new G7 model, Panasonic will simply continue to offer the GH3 alongside the new GH4–at a discount. Which will basically make it the mid-level model.

Furthermore, considering that Panasonic has failed to make any profits from its photography business in the past years, it makes sense that they would try to streamline their portfolio. After all, the company is serious about axing divisions that fail to make any profits by next year, and unfortunately its photography business looks like a candidate for that. By streamlining its portfolio and concentrating on the existing models instead of investing in the development of new models, Panasonic’s AV department can save money which will have a positive effect on its earnings report later on.

Let’s pray that this strategy–provided the 43rumors report is accurate–works out and there will be Panasonic cameras and lenses in the future.