This is What Happens When You Put a GoPro in the Dishwasher


What happens inside a dishwasher stays inside a dishwasher. Or does it? Presumably, exactly as many people as are using a dishwasher have an idea what goes on inside said machine when it is doing its job. This is about to change, though, thanks to one of the crazier GoPro videos we’ve seen recently.

Curious about what exactly is going on in his dishwasher when it’s wahsing the dishes, YouTube user Bito decided to take the risk of exposing their GoPro camera plus two light sources to whatever happens inside–quite possibly a dimension portal opening up and sucking in all of the dirt that sticks to the dishes. His bravery paid out big time, as now, for the first time, humankind gets a chance to experience what it feels like to be a fork that’s being cleaned by a dishwasher.

Before you head past the break and click the play button on the video, we have to warn you, though. Some parts of the video have the appearance of a man sausage being … well, rather happy and excited. So if you’re sensitive to these kinds of imagery, better let what happens inside this guy’s dishwasher stay inside. For everyone else: congratulations, you have just experienced 0ne of the most groundbreaking revelations of the 21st century.

Now all we need is a GoPro video that shows us what happens when we shut the door of our fridge.

Via Foodbeast

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