To Honor the 100 Millionth EF Lens, Canon Ambassadors Talk About Their Favorite Lenses

Canon 100 Million EF Lenses

Back in April this year, Canon announced that it had manufactured the 100 millionth EF lens since the inception of its EOS SLR camera system back in 1987. In honor to celebrate that landmark, the company has talked to its ambassadors and asked them which of the over a hundred EF lenses that Canon has made since then are their respective favorites.

By far the most popular lenses with Canon’s ambassadors are the various 200-400mm f/4 telezoom models, which three of the eight photographers name as their personal favorites. Almost equally as high in regard is the 24-70mm f2.8L, which is the favorite of two of Canon’s ambassadors. The remaining three all voted for a prime lens, with one vote each going to the 50mm f1.2L, the 35mm f1.4L and the 500mm f4L.

That’s quite an interesting selection, and it reflects the different types of photography that Canon’s ambassadors profess in. Those who are into motorsports or wildlife photography mostly named the telephoto (zooms or primes) as their favorites, while those who do photojournalism or wedding photography prefer the shorter focal ranges.

We won’t foreclose too much at this point, because there’s a lot more to read over at Canon’s website. Beside a description of their favorite photographs that they have taken with Canon gear, the ambassadors also give some lens recommendations. So if you’re in for buying a new lens for your Canon camera but haven’t decided yet, maybe take a look at what these professional photographers recommend.