Caught on Tape: Spectacular Supercell Taking Form in Wyoming

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Chasing storms is not an easy task. It’s not the safest, either. That’s why it’s hard not to give storm chasers mad props for doing what their doing.

Take Oklahoma-based storm chasers Basehunters, for example. They’ve been chasing the craziest types of weather all over the country for a few years now, from tornadoes to thunderstorms, and you just know that they’ve come close to life-threatening situations once or twice in their careers.

Their missions have led to some of the amazing and epic images of storms you’ll ever see in your life, however, so in a huge way, it’s worth it.

Here’s their latest capture – a timelapse video of a spectacular supercell taking form in Wyoming. It was taken by what seems like a GoPro attached to the roof of one of their vans. The video itself looks like it wasn’t post-processed; but focus in on the dark-gray clouds as they ominously rotate into a massive vortex that looks like it’s about to turn into a tornado.

It’s pretty awesome and just a tad daunting. See it after the jump.

If you think this video is cool, check out the other photos and videos this group has captured during their excursions on their Facebook page and their YouTube Channel.

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