New Chrome Extension Promises Raw File Previews in the Browser

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.57.54 AM

Editor’s Correction: The founders emailed us and stated that the 10MB limit is only on the site and that it can indeed read files in Dropbox with a small workaround. We’ve edited the story accordingly.

A new Google Chrome extension may change the way that you use certain apps/websites. That’s because before now, RAW image files weren’t easily readable on the web. Instead, you’d need to use Adobe Creative Cloud or some sort of RAW file reader on your computer. However, PilePreviews.Io is trying to change that. works through an interesting process. Normally, when you’d click a PSD or a RAW file, Chrome would download it to your computer. But by right clicking the file and then clicking on preview from link, the extension will open the file in a new tab and allow you to view it without leaving your browser.

The extension is a free download. A preview is after the jump.


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Chris Gampat

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