DigitalRev Shows You How to be a Professional Photographer

julius motal digitalrev pro photographer

For anyone just breaking into photography, the idea of going pro can seem far more daunting than it actually is. What camera do you use? Do you hire an assistant or fly solo? How much technical knowledge do you really need to know? Do you shoot RAW or JPEG? What kind of a tripod do you buy, if you buy one at all? These are all questions worth considering, and DigitalRev released a video in which it answered some of them. In its ongoing How-to Look Pro series, DigitalRev’s Kai Man Wong explains how to look pro from camera choice to posture.

Bigger is better and the more splayed your legs are, the more professional you look. If you do hire an assistant, be sure to say things like, “The highlights are blown.” and “There’s severe pin-cushion distortion.” Be sure to put on a lens hood, and always, always, always wear a hat.

Alright, it’s a bit cheeky, but check out the video below.


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