Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter Duel in This Awesome Video

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Ever wondered who would come out victorious in a fight to the death between Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter? Well, wonder no more.

Die-hard fans, die-hard nerds, kids, and closet nerds will be pleased to know that four gamers actually took time in their oh-so-busy lives to find out. In an action and CGI-packed YouTube video, four dudes shows us what could happen if the young Skywalker and the Chosen One clashed. And it is all kinds of awesome.

What starts out as a seemingly ordinary home video morphs into an edge-of-your-seat short action movie as two of the characters get into a small argument. Before you know it, a Padawan braid and a light saber suddenly materialize, a wand and a lightning bold scar magically appear, and our two beloved movie heroes get on it, knocking off kitchen stuff and tall DVD and Blu-ray-filled shelves (of course).

Complete with a blaster rifle, a broomstick, a sorting hat, and even a Lord of the Rings reference at the end, this video proves once and for that humans are capable of creating amazing things out of not having anything to do (aka boredom). At the least, it will definitely get everyone’s nerd on. Yes, even you, Mister Coolest Dude on Earth, will find yourself rooting for the good guy… although, who the good guy is in this scenario I have no idea.

Now going back to that age-old question, who would win in a duel? Well, you’re just gonna have to find out for yourself. Watch the video after the jump. You’re welcome.

Via Elite Daily


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