Did Amazon Just Patent Shooting Photos and Video on Seamless White Backgrounds?

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We’ve seen some very weird patents and copyright ownerships. Like for example, did you know that Time Warner owns the rights to the Happy Birthday song? Well in an equally weird patent, Amazon Technologies LLC has submitted and won approval on a patent for shooting on a seamless background along with all the according lighting.

Patent No. US 8,676,045 BI, which was granted on March 18th 2014 after its submission years ago in 2011, documents and describes a specific type of photography where there is direct light along with lighting illuminating the background. It is the method that has been used for years in order to achieve a seamless white look where a person is illuminated by one light with the background light being a stop more powerful.

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The patent’s further describes and lays out the methodology where an overhead light, ground light and mid-level light are also used. But their drawings show a significantly larger scale production. In the specifications, it also shows an even more exacting definition. It states:

“Embodiments of the disclosure are directed in an arrangement of various elements to form a studio in which items, people, products, clothing, or any other object can be photographed or filmed to achieve a particular effect. More specifically, embodiments of the disclosure can allow images and/or video of an item placed in a studio arrangement as described herein to be captured with a background that appears, when captured with an image capturing device, as a near perfect white without the need for post-processing, retouching, or other image manipulation.”

That sounds a lot like seamless white to us. In fact, this could change the future of how photographs are shot as much more of a lifestyle photography approach be be valued by many other companies.

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