Study: 9/10 Cats Sick of You Shoving a Camera in Their Face

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In a study announced today that polled over three million cats in first world countries, a group of scientists found that cats have incredibly similar emotions to human beings when it came to having their pictures taken. “Most humans really hate their pictures taken when they’re lounging around at home in their sweats,” stated the study. “And our research concludes that the common household cat feels the same way.”

The research was conducted over a period of one year and sought out specific individuals that have become stars amongst the #cats hashtag on Instagram. Indeed, much of these felines are also featured on a Tumblr known as Cats of Instagram. The cats were contacted by the scientists conducting the study and surveyed on their emotions and feelings. The scientists then asked the cats if they could be recorded on video while they were asked the questions. Again, almost everyone involved in the study declined to have their face on video. When asked why, most of the cats surveyed felt that they looked horrible, needed to groom themselves and lick their coats in order to make themselves more presentable. Others polled stated that they needed some beauty sleep instead.


Another trend seemed to follow along in the study though. Most of the cats that felt this way skewed heavily towards living in Japan with the United States coming in a close second and Canada in third place.

The introduction to the study prefaces humans’ fascination with taking cat photos, and traces it back to the infamous ICANHAZCHEEZBURGER blog with then spawned the meme of LOLCATS.

The concluded findings stated that owners should treat cats like humans and respect them as such. With that said, asking for permission or at least giving the feline a bit of time to primp up would make them feel much better.

April fools!

Chris Gampat

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