Panasonic Announces Pricing and Availability of the GH4

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen Panasonic first announced the GH4 Micro Four Thirds camera, it created quite a bit of a stir. With it, even more so than with its Full-HD capable sibling, the GH3, Panasonic clearly aims at the professional videographer looking for an affordable 4K Ultra-HD video solution. This becomes especially clear with the full-fledged accessory interface unit that Panasonic announced alongside the camera. Now, just over a month after the original announcement, both the GH4 and the interface unit receive official pricing and availability information.

The GH4 camera body will be available at the beginning of May, at a retail price of US-$ 1,699.99, making it the most expensive Micro Four Thirds camera so far–but also the most capable. The interface unit for the GH4 can be purchased separately for US-$ 1,999.99, or in kit with the camera for a grand total of a little under US-$ 3,300.

If you’re uncertain whether the GH4 is the right 4K solution for you, take a look at our first impressions of the camera. Also, this first video footage taken with the GH4 might help you with your buying decision. Both the camera and the interface unit can be pre-ordered at B&H Photo.

Panasonic GH4 body only at B&H Photo

Panasonic DMW-YAGH interface unit at B&H Photo

Panasonic GH4 body + DMW-YAGH kit at B&H Photo