LaCie Outs its New 5TB External Hard Drives for Big Storage Users

ThB_Range_5TBAs we move to even higher megapixel cameras and 4K video, photographers are only going to need even more storage space. To help feed this insatiable need for digital space LaCie has delivered its first 5TB Thunderbolt connected external hard drive enclosures.

LaCie announced three new enclosures featuring the new high capacity drives including the 5big Thunderbolt Series, 2big Thunderbolt Series, and d2 Thunderbolt Series. Each is equipped with 5TB 7200RPM and 64MB cache drive from Seagate.

In the 5big Thunderbolt Series, there are five of these 5GB hard disks preconfigured in Raid 0 for 785MB/s data transfer rates. The big, honking 25TB setup runs $2,499. Meanwhile, the 10TB 2big Thunderbolt drive comes sporting a pair of 5TB drives which runs for $899. The d2 Thunderbolt 5TB drive only features a single 5TB drive for $450.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.