Seven Tips for Becoming a Serious Photographer

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One of the secrets of being successful photographer is being prepared and working hard. Serious photographers have learned how to use their gear with precision and are able to provide a flexible response for any situation. Good photography comes down to making an effort. Hard work has to be put into the craft to maintain a high level of image quality. If you want to be a serious photographer, here are some suggestions for becoming one.

Be Dedicated to Your Work

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If you are a committed photographer, you should never half-ass your work. Always take your photography work seriously. If you are just out there constantly taking snapshots, you are doing it wrong. Unless you are testing gear, you should always be trying to create the best image possible. Take times to think things through and develop your eye. Composition should always be at the forefront of your photography.

 Aspire To Improve Your Skills


Never stop learning. Photography is a skill that can never be truly mastered by anyone. That’s what makes it such an appealing craft. There is always something new to learn. There will always be new gear to try. As a photographer you must always be willing to try new things. It’s easy to fall into what’s comfortable and what pays, but if you do not seek to improve yourself, your photography will become stale and people will move on. There is no shortage of photography classes and publications out there with tons of information. You have to take the time to look and learn.

 Cleanliness Is Key To Good Photography

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Keep your gear clean and organized. If you are not taking care of your gear, you are bound to run into issues where a good image is ruined by dust spots or missed because your gear was not kept up. At least once a week, checking and cleaning your sensor can help avoid spots in your images. Going over you lenses and filters with a lens pen or microfiber cloths can help you ensure the best quality for all your images.

Back Up Your Images

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Always keep your images backed up in more than one place. You never know when hardware will fail. As a photographer you may need to go back and grab an image for someone or just need to look back at your work. Backing up your work will make sure it’s available when things go wrong.

Share Your Work And Be Social

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What is the use of photography if it is not seen? It is a visual medium after all. That moment where a person acknowledges the quality of your work is priceless. When your work is critiqued in a negative way, it’s humbling. A serious photographer needs to be able to share their work and hear what people have to say about it. Good or bad, it helps you grow.

Be Patient

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Being impatient in photography does not work. A good image is not always going to be there in an instant. Sometimes you have to wait. There is a lot of beauty in the world but sometimes you have to wait for the right moment to capture it. Skills don’t happen overnight as well. You have to put time into your photography.

 Be Passionate About Your Work And Have Fun As Well


You have to really care about your photography. You should be your toughest critic. As a serious photographer, you should be able to detach yourself from the image and really analyze it. If it is not your best work, delete it. It you decide an image is worthy to be noted, do so. If you notice your work is starting to get repetitive, take a step back. Maybe change your lens or subject. Sometimes it’s not just recomposing the image, it can be about changing how you see things. Just remember to have fun as well.

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