Adobe Extends Photoshop Photography Program Again Until March 31st

Adobe Photoshop Program

Ever since its introduction, Adobe has had a habit of extending its Photoshop Photography Program again and again. The $10/month Creative Cloud option that gets you a license for both Photoshop and Lightroom was originally available only to those who already had a previous stand-alone Photoshop license. Later in 2013, in a wise move Adobe decided to make the program available to anyone, regardless of whether they were a previous Adobe customer or not.

The latest extension of the Photoshop Photography Program expires March 31st, but we’re not so sure that this is really going to be the end of it. Rather, we have a feeling these deadline extensions are part of Adobe’s marketing plot to get people to sign up for the program, out of fear that prices will rise once the offer expires. We reckon that Adobe will continue to extend the program a couple more times, and ultimately make it an unlimited option. At least that’s what we think they should be doing.