Fujifilm X-T1 Teased For January 28th Unveiling

Fujifilm X-T1 Teaser

Fujifilm is all set to reveal a new X-series camera called the X-T1 on January 28th. To preempt excitement for the announcement Fujifilm put up a teaser image of the camera. With our first glimpse we can start deducing that the X-T1 takes some design cues from the Fujifilm X-E2 for its control layout. We can also see the X-T1 will have a bulkier SLR body styled and repositioned electronic viewfinder to be in the center and slightly raised kind of like the OMD and A7/A7r.

Early reports stipulate that the Fujifilm X-T1 will come with a weather sealed body and 16MP APS-C X-Trans sensor II. The camera will also likely feature a larger EVF coupled with a tilting preview screen. As for focusing speed, sources suggest it will be even faster than the Fujifilm X-E2 and have AF tracking to support shooting at 8fps. We’ll know if these early specs are real or not and have our first real look at the camera come January 28th, so stay tuned.

Via Mirrorless Cameras

Kevin Lee

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