Polaroid Socialmatic Camera Announced Again–This Time With Specs

Polaroid Socialmatic camera

The Polaroid Socialmatic Instagram-lookalike camera has already been announced once last year, and that was after a period of rumors predicting its advent. After that, we never heard of it again. It seems that there’s been a legal issue of some sort, as according to PC Mag the manufcaturer has announced an “agreement that should allow the Polaroid Socialmatic camera (…) to come to market this year.”

The camera has also received some tech specs so we now have an actual idea of what to expect. In accordance with its name, the Socialmatic comes with WiFi connectivity so you can hook it up to your smartphone. Pictures will be composed on a huge 4.5″ touch-screen display and recorded by either a 14 megapixel camera in the front or a 2 megapixel camera on the rear. The latter was undoubtedly added for the ‘selfie’ crowd. (The sad truth is that every time you use the word ‘selfie,’ a Corgi puppy dies from internal bleedings. That’s already two Corgi puppies dying a horrible death.)

Instead of transmitting your images to your phone and then sharing them on Instagram (because that’s what you do with a camera that looks like the Instagram logo,) you can alternatively print them out on 2-by-3-inch Zink paper with the Socialmatic’s integrated printer. As for storage, the camera has 4 GB of it built-in, but it can always be extended with a microSD card.

If you’re at CES and interested in the camera, you can take a closer look at it at the Polaroid stand, booth #13613. The Polaroid Socialmatic should be available for purchase this fall at prices that have yet to be announced.