Colin Rich Completes “Trilogy of Light”, Shows A Completely Different Side of Los Angeles

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When Los Angeles-based cinematographer Colin Rich of Deer Dog Productions decided to paint a portrait of the City of Angels, two years ago, he did it so with a mesmerizing and inspiring time-lapse video.  This was the start of his personal journey and the beginning of his “Trilogy of Light” series.

Stitching together his footages–undoubtedly shot mostly from the city’s familiar overlooks–in a 2.57-minute short entitled “L.A. Light”, he captured the famous landmarks of the city as they bask in all their electrifying nighttime glory while Cinematic Orchestra accompanies them, singing “This is the place where I feel at home.” With that video, Colin introduced a side of Los Angeles that is rarely seen by most.

He then follows it up a year later with “NightFall”, an epic time-lapse video that documents the transition the city undergoes everyday as day turns into night and light makes way for the dark. The videos are after the jump.

NightFall from Colin Rich on Vimeo.

Two weeks ago, he completed the series with “City Lights”. This four-and-a-half minute fitting ending to the series equally stuns viewers with shots of the city sprawl as it becomes animated with life and activity at night, starts a new day with the colors of dawn, and then jumps back to its nighttime light-painting all over again.

LA Light from Colin Rich on Vimeo.

City Lights from Colin Rich on Vimeo

To Colin, it is an incredible project that challenged his patience and tested his endurance but also inevitably taught him to discover and grow to love the city that the world knows so differently. To the rest of the world, it’s a new discovery that there are more than beaches and palm-tree-lined streets to Los Angeles.

Click here to see more of Colin’s amazing work.

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