Lenstag Adds a Mobile App in its Campaign to Stop Camera and Lens Theft

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Lenstag launched its mission to end camera and lens theft, and now the initiative has a mobile app to back it up. The Lenstag app is available now on both iPhone and Android. Similar to the site, the mobile app grants users access to a free online registry where they can document all the gear they own and report it as stolen if something unthinkable happens.

After downloading the app, we gave it a quick spin and going from the sign up process to tagging our first camera only took a few minutes. The apps interface will autocomplete most of the gear you punch in, after which you’ll need to enter a serial number and post an image of what you want to register. The verification process can take a while on Lenstag’s back end, but fully documenting an overstuffed camera bag shouldn’t take anymore than 30 minutes to an hour.

Lenstag, anti-theft, Trevor Sehrer, Protecting Your Camera Gear, Apps, Insurance,

Once the gear is verified, it’ll be added to the online registry just like the online site. If any of it goes missing or stolen, Lenstag users will be able to quickly report it with one tap as most camera equipment is resold within hours after the theft as Lenstag’s creator Trevor Sehrer explained in our interview. Ideally other Craigslist buyers and pawnshops will also use the app to check against any suspicious gear before buying.

As it stands, the Lenstag app and service behind it are both completely free and voluntary for everyone to use. It would be great if the service could be used to check gear serial numbers against images posted online through the metadata. But for now, Lenstag adds an extra piece of mind in case you don’t – and you should – have insurance.

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