Hooray! There’s a New Leica M Monochrom Special Edition!

Leica M Monochrom Ralph Gibson Special Edition

Leica and its special editions … if during the production cycle of a Leica product there aren’t at least a dozen special editions made, it’s not deserving of the branding ‘Leica’. Or so seems to be the consesus among Leica’s product managers. And since there hasn’t been a special edition of the M Monochrom yet, they probably felt it was about damn time to create one! Hence the Leica M Monochrom ‘Ralph Gibson’ was conceived, featuring the signature of the US photographer of the same name, whose work mainly consists of monochrom images.

The camera, which comes in silver chrome instead of black chrome, is clad in a unique vulcanite leatherette and comes with both a custom strap and a silver Summilux-M 35mm f1.4 lens. The first M Monochrom ‘Ralph Gibson’ will be handed over to Ralph Gibson himself on December 11th at the Leica Store in Lisse, the Netherlands. Overall, no more than 35 pieces of this special camera will be made. Whether or not they’ll be sold exclusively via the Leica Store Lisse is currently unkown, but probable.

Despite Leica sometimes seemingly overdoing it with their special editions, we have to say this particular one looks mighty fancy.

Via Leica Rumors