Quick Feature Spotlight: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Proves a Camera-Phone Hybrid Can Be Comfortable

julius motal the phoblographer s4 zoom

From one side, it looks like a point-and-shoot. From the other, it looks like an Android phone, but we’re not concerned with that side for this post. Essentially, Samsung has taken a variant of the front of one of their point and shoot cameras and fused it with the Galaxy S4 Mini. The lower left of the lens has the bump where an NX lens release would normally go, and perhaps it’s there to give the appearance of a compact interchangeable lens camera. It’s a nice decal, but anyway, the phone is surprisingly comfortable.

julius motal the phoblographer s4 zoom-2

On first glance, you’d think that the S4 Zoom would be too bulky, but it fits easily in a pants or jacket pocket. Granted, if you’ve got tight pants, folks will think you’re packing a camera. When you slide it out to do anything, you’ll find that it sits very comfortably in your hand. The weight of the camera is balanced, and more importantly, the curved edges, front grip and even the lens make for pleasant surfaces.

My iPhone 5 is great, but save for the beveled corners, it’s a hard rectangle. And whose hand is completely flat anyway. The S4 Zoom’s soft curves provide ample comfort, and it proves that when done right, a camera-phone hybrid can work without being obtrusive. We’ve got the S4 Zoom for a little while longer, and a proper review will follow. Just know that you shouldn’t be put off by what might seem like a clunky design. It works well.

And hey, here’s an image:

julius motal the phoblographer samsung galaxy s4 zoom

We’re working on the full review, so stay tuned for this cool phone.

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