The Godox Ving V850 Speedlight A Flash That Ditches AAs


A new flash has recently become available. It’s the Godox Ving V850 Speedlight, powered by a lithium battery. This hot shoe flash offers remote control and HSS as well. The battery for this flash is not as easy to get as raditional AA’s however this power pack has 3x the lifespan and quicker recycle times, according to Godox. You can keep an eye on the battery with the available indicator on the LCD.The Flash is manual. The Godox Ving V850 has stroboscopic functions and optical slave sensor built-in. It has output adjustment down to 1/128.  With Godox’s 433MHz FT-16S or Cells II radio triggers (sold separately)wireless power control is available. The Godox Ving high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second (with certain cameras).

More Information available on the Godox product page. This can be found on EBay as well.

Via Lighting Rumors

Gevon Servo

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