Review: Kingston MobileLite Wireless


Though one of the key features that is used to market the Kingston MobileLite Wireless is its ability to wirelessly stream video, music or images to multiple devices simultaneously, it is some of its other features that will be of interest to photographers.  Whether the camera of choice is a smartphone or a DSLR, the compact unit offers photographers a convenient way to save and share their content.

And if you’re the business savvy type, you might want to take a closer look.

Pros and Cons


Can read and write files to SD, MicroSD and USB Flash Drives

Create its own secure wireless network

Can serve as a bridge to another wireless network to maintain access to the internet

Charges a  smartphone or tablet via USB cable

Offers a variety of features at a very affordable price point.


No battery status indicator on the unit (must be accessed through app)

Gear Used

iPhone 5s, Samsung NX300, Olympus OMD-EM5,  Apple iPad

Tech Specs

Taken from Kingston’s website

> Inputs for Storage USB and SD — reads SD, SDHC, SDXC and

microSD (with included adapter)

> Supported File Systems FAT, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT

> Dimensions 124.8mm x 59.9mm x 17.3mm;

4.9134″ x 2.3583″ x 0.6811″

> Weight 98g

> Wireless Network Interface Wi-Fi 802.11g/n with wireless

security (WPA2)

> Rechargeable Battery up to 5 hours of continuous use

> Battery built-in Li-ion 1810mAh 3.8V

> Local Storage1

wirelessly transfer files to and from the

MobileLite Wireless app and the MobileLite Wireless hardware

> Camera Roll support1

allows users to move photos from their

mobile device to MobileLite Wireless in order to free up space

> Cable USB to micro USB cable included

> Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C

> Storage Temperature -10°C to 45°C

> Guaranteed one-year warranty, free technical support

> Customizable Device Name (SSID) User selectable Wi-Fi

priority list when there are multiple APN/Key available

> File Support2

MobileLite Wireless can store any file type.

Playback and viewing are based on the files supported by the

mobile device

> General file format support2

• Audio: MP3, WAV

• Video3

: m4V, mp4 (H. 264 video codec)

• Image: jpg, tif

• Document: pdf



Weighing in at only 3.4 ounces, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless is incredibly portable and can be easily stored in a small kit bag or purse. About the same width and height of a iPhone 5s, it produces a very modest footprint.


It features an SD slot which can accommodate both SD cards and MicroSD using the supplied adapter.


The other end of the unit features USB and Micro USB port for inserting a USB Flash drive or to connect directly to your Smartphone or tablet. Just above the power button, there are three LED lights which indicate that the unit is powered on, charging and providing a wireless connection.

Built Quality

The housing consists of two-tone plastic but still feels solid. It is consistent with the build-quality of much of today’s electronics. So, while it would likely survive the accidental drop on occasion, it should still be treated with a reasonable amount of care.

Ease of Use

The device itself is easy enough to use. Simply hold down the power button down for 3 seconds and it’s ready to perform. You connect to it by going into the wifi settings for your device and select the free MobileLite wireless network. You then use the free Wireless app to take advantage of its wireless connectivity.

With the wireless function enabled, I used the app to both access and view the images and video stored on the SD card installed in my device on on my phone and tablet. Though the software froze at one point, necessitating me to remove and reinstall it, it usually worked as intended. As promised, I was able to stream videos saved on the SD card onto multiple devices with no evidence of buffering or freezing.

The unit served well as a backup battery for my smartphone, a particular benefit to those of us who make aggressive use of the phone’s photo or video functions.


The Kingston MobileLite Wireless provides a nice backup alternative to toting around a laptop or even a tablet with the added bonus of serving as backup battery for a phone and tablet. It also delivers secure wireless connectivity between devices.

It is the unit’s versatility in such  a small form factor that serves as its strong point. Though the ability to share content on multiple devices is not something I would personally use very often, I could see some advantages to storing content such as movies that could be accessed by different members of the family when traveling.

The MobileLite Wireless is one of the few devices I’ve seen that makes promises on multiple front and delivers. Considering that it’s comparable in price ($49.95) to back-up batteries for portable devices, it provides a lot for the price. On those days, when I want to travel light, but have a reliable source for backing up my stills and video, its a device that can easily find a home in my camera bag or even back pocket.

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