Hoya Finally Makes a Graduated ND Filter

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 1.32.13 PM

If you’re a videographer or a landscape photographer, you’re very familiar with graduated ND filters. These filters usually start with a lot of light cutting ability at one end and very little light cutting on the other. In practical terms, you use them to get more details in a sky while exposing for the shadows in a scene. Today, Hoya is announcing their Graduated ND10 graduated Neutral Density filter. The new filter will cut out three stops of light at its darkest portion and one stop at its lightest–basically giving you more power to create an HDR image in a single shot if the situation and conditions are correct.

The filter is two pieces of glass that rotate around themselves so that the darker or lighter portion can be moved appropriately. The filter will come in sizes of 52mm, 58mm, 77mm, 82mm when they launch. No word on launch date or price point yet.

Chris Gampat

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