Panasonic’s Rumored GM1 Camera Is Supposed to Be the Smallest M43 Camera Ever

Panasonic Micro Four Thirds Products

Big things can some in small packages; or in this case itty bitty ones. A report on 43Rumors states that Panasonic will soon be releasing the GM1–which is supposed to be the smallest Micro Four Thirds Camera ever. But even more interesting is the also rumored 12-32mm pancake zoom lens that is said to come with it. Apparently, it will yield some of the best image quality that a kit lens can possibly offer.

While the rumor surely seems noteworthy, it’s a very tall claim to state that the lens will be one of the best kits made. Additionally, smaller isn’t always better when it comes to interchangeable lens cameras.

Even more interesting is the fact that Sony always seems to develop even smaller cameras than the Micro Four Thirds group can and they have a larger sensor.

Chris Gampat

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