And the Winner of Our Sigma 35mm f1.4 and USB Dock Contest Is…



And now it’s time to announce the winner of our contest sponsored by Sigma in the giveaway of a 35mm f1.4 and USB Dock. Did you win? Hit the jump to see.

Now before we announce the winner, there are a lot of heartfelt and genuine thank yous that we need to make. First off, we are touched by all the people that decided to vote in this contest. While your votes helped partially in our decision making, it was still us that made the final call. And out of fairness to everyone that didn’t get any votes on their images, you’ll be happy to hear that the image with the most votes didn’t win this competition. However, it did have a number of votes. Further, there were 10 photos that we felt really went above and beyond all else, but in the end only one really was our choice.

Next, we need to thank everyone so kindly for participating in this contest. We’ve seen our social influence grow and we’ve seen a lot of interaction amongst you all over time. And it’s wonderful to meet and chat with many of you in the comments every day.

Then, we want to thank all of you who patiently waited for this announcement. Yesterday, we wanted to make the announcement, but we were in the middle of a server move that crippled our publishing. This move needed to happen though for many good reasons. The result will be an even better Phoblographer to come in the future.

Finally, we want t thank Sigma. Christine, Pat, Jack, Marci, Delia and the gang over there have always been great to work with and when I first started this website, I never thought in a million years that we’d be working with a company like Sigma on giveaways, promotions, and something even better that is yet to come.

And with that, we’re glad to announce the winner of our contest.



Kenny Enriquez’s photo, “Portal to Heaven” is the winner of our Landscape contest. Congratulations, you have won a Sigma 35mm f1.4 and USB dock in a mount of your choice.

We will send you an email shortly; but if you don’t get it you can contact us at Editors[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Thank you all once again. And congratulations to Kenny and all of you for putting up a heck of a fight in this contest.