The Ricoh Theta Shoots 360 Degree Images


Ricoh has always made some products that had a cult following, and this recent one announced at IFA is already turning a lot of heads. It’s called the Ricoh Theta, and it is a WiFi Enabled camera that shoots 360 degree images. Engadget already had hands on with the camera and Zach Honig isn’t really pleased. The camera doesn’t have an LCD and it also requires an app to view the images without distortion. The camera is pocket sized and sports, “two opposed hemispherical lenses, letting you capture a full 360-degree image in a single frame.”

Android support will be coming later, but right now you iOS lovers can get your hands on it thanks to kneeling down to your overlord Steve Jobs.

The Theta will run you $399 when it ships towards the end of the year.