With Camera Sales Continuing to Decline, Canon Aims to Invest in Surveillance Tech

Canon EF Lens Lineup

It’s not a secret that digital camera sales are nowhere as high in 2013 as they were in the years before. With the market being pretty much saturated, fewer consumers opt to buy new products, especially as the speed of technological progress appears to be slowing down. International Data Corp had to correct a positive two-digit growth prognosis for the interchangeable lens camera market in the year 2013 to a negative two-digit decline prognosis.

In the face of these developments, Canon decided to focus more on the surveillance tech market, in which they aim to achieve sales of $1bn by 2016. With its lens and sensor technology, the company thinks it is well suited to become a major player on that market. Canon’s CEO Mitarai claims that, “security cameras are going to become an important pillar for us. We’ve already made it a separate division, and think that the global market has limitless possibilities for growth.”

So what are we going to see next? Surveillance cameras sporting huge, white L lenses at every street corner? Hopefully not. We’d rather have this rumored Medium Format camera instead.

Via Reuters via Canon Rumors