Photojojo’s Smartphone Spy Lens Lets You Take Pictures of Your Food in a Stealthy Manner

Photojojo Smartphone Spy Lens

Photojojo has come up with another product that is as brilliant as it is crazy. It’s called the ‘Smartphone Spy Lens’, and it lets you be sneaky while taking pictures with your phone. What it does is that it lets you take pictures from a 90° angle, in any direction. Which means that you can photograph things to your left or right, or above or below you, without ever changing the way you hold your phone. One sample application that Photojojo themselves provide is taking pictures of your meal without having to “climb up on the table.” But don’t post it to Instagram afterwards.

If this is just what you needed for your phone, you can now order the Smartphone Spy Lens online via Photojojo’s website for a mere US-$ 20.