Sell Your Old Gear with “My Gadgets”, a New Platform from eBay

julius motal the phoblographer ebay my gadgets

Everyone is a consumer, but eBay is hoping to convert consumers to sellers with “My Gadgets”, an easy to use platform for selling your old gear. Oftentimes, you’ve bought so much that you find that there’s hardly any space left at home. You’re left with a few options: you could chuck it all out, you could hold a yard sale, or you could sell it online. The first is a chore no one enjoys. The second will get you a limited audience. While the third will give you a substantial audience, and the chance to join a burgeoning marketplace. If you’re an avid photographer, chances are you’ve got a sizable amount of old gear. I do. The staff here at The Phoblographer does. If you poke around your basement, you’ll probably find a lens or six. Why not sell them?

Head on over to My Gadgets and start selling.