Monsters of New York: A Project on Awesome Things That Go Bump in the Day


All images by Sadi Tekin. Used with permission

We’ve all heard of and know Humans of New York. But how many of you know Monsters of New York? Sadi Tekin has started the new project, and he’s got quite the whimsical personality. By shooting or using photos of scenes, he is somehow or another able to conjure the apparitions into being. And in a short time, the Facebook page had grown really big.

Well, not really. But don’t tell him that. Not after our recent interview!

Phoblographer:  What made you want to create the Monsters of NY project?


Sadi: I think it was a day in may, I saw one of these monsters in brooklyn. I asked him if i could draw him or not, he said yes. That’s how our story began.

Phoblographer:  Do you imagine monsters in the scenes already or do you find scenes and then imagine them later on?


Sadi: I usually see them in the scene and draw instantly.

Phoblographer:  The monsters that you create are very whimsical looking. Who are your influences?

Sadi: They are living creatures; they change in time, in appearance and in character. so, this not really about influence, but mostly design and time.

Phoblographer:  What’s your affiliation if any with Humans of NY?

Sadi: I was following him and loving his photos and stories. then I thought it may be a good idea to see HONY and MONY together in a scene. I asked him, he said yes.

Phoblographer: What’s next for the project? You just set up an Instagram account.


Sadi: We are working on a story-telling app and maybe there’ll be some merchandising stuff.






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