Man Steals Phone, Gets Photos of Life Turned Into a Tumblr


There are lots of thrifty ways to track down cell phone thieves. While most folks decide to show off photos, one person who had their phone stolen decided that that wasn’t enough. As a result, the person created a Tumblr blog called, “Life of a Stranger Who Stole my Phone.” In the quick description of the blog, we find that the man’s name is Hafid and that he lives in Dubai. Plus, he forgot to turn off the Camera Upload function, so that just adds more fuel to the fire.

According to Laughing Squid, the person who got their phone stolen is a German tourist. And as a result, Hafid apparently found the blog and commented saying that he was sorry, and didn’t steal the phone. Instead, he said that he found it in the street.

The blog is really quite hilarious, and shows how photos can help solve a crime.