Replica of the Camera that Went to the Moon is Only $75,000 on eBay…Only

julius motal the phoblographer hasselblad moon

It might be time to call the bank for a loan because this camera up for auction on eBay is from a very select group. The Hasselblad 500EL was built for space with enlarged nobs for easy use with space gloves, and in an effort to cut down on weight, there’s no mirror and no waist-level finder. With $1,500 for shipping alone, the 500EL ships with a Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8C lens and a 250mm f5.6C lens. These, too, have been tweaked for use with space gloves. The camera belonged to the head of Canadian distribution for Hasselblad before going up for auction, and it comes with some original documentation regarding Hasselblad’s moon camera program. The other 500EL’s are still on the moon as they were ejected to reduce weight for the return flight.

The moon’s calling. She wants you to take her picture.

Via Pop Photo