Canon’s Nifty 50 May Get an Update with Image Stabilization


Do you love your 50mm f1.8? Well, according to a new patent that Canon Watch found, you could be seeing a 50mm f1.8 IS coming out sooner or later–which means that it will have Image Stabilization for those of you not caught up on the lingo. The translation of the patent comes from Egami, and it further explains that the IS might be similar to that in the 35mm f2 IS lens, which we reviewed not long ago. The patented design shows that it will also seem to have 8 elements in 7 groups.

An update to the lens has long been ignored because the sales volumes are huge. Indeed, everyone tells everyone else that the first lens you should get is the 50mm f1.8. But in the long run, we weren’t a fan.

If something like this comes soon and Canon manages to keep the price point down, it may be another hit.

Via Canon Watch