“Mirror City” is a Unique Timelapse Video That Shows Kaleidoscopic Views of Major US Cities

Michael Shainblum Mirror City Screengrab

When I first started Mirror City, I wanted to create a video that was completely out of the norm,” Michael Shainblum, the creator of “Mirror City”, states on vimeo. “I wanted to showcase something unique and artistic, which takes Timelapse photography into a more abstract direction.” Well, we’d say he succeeded. When you first watch “Mirror City”, you’ll have your mind blown by the sheer amazingness of the pictures, because you’ve probably never seen anything like this before. The pictures look like they’re out of an avantgarde science-fiction movie, such as 2001, but in a more modern and unique way. They could as well have been rendered entirely on a PC, but as a matter of fact Michael processed actual timelapse footage in a away that the images appear as if they’re being watched through a kaleidoscope.

Via planet5D

Michael continues: “Mirror City is a visual story through some of the great American cities: Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. (…) Many people visit these large cities every day, and all of these places have been shot and filmed, but I wanted to emulate these urban landscapes in a way that nobody has even seen before. I wanted to put man-made geometric shapes, mixed with elements of color and movement to create less of a structured video, and more of a plethora of visual stimulation.

As to the creation of the video, he states: “I have worked on this piece for an extremely long amount of time. I have spent time mirroring images and videos for the past five years, and I have been working on this specific piece for about four months. I felt it was time to combine Timelapse photography and the simplicity of a kaleidoscope, and create Mirror City.” You can find the fruit of this endeavor below. Our tip: watch it in Full HD and with your speakers turned up to 11. You’ll know why when you see it.

P.S.: For an interview with Michael about the creation of “Mirror City”, head over to the planet5D blog post that we linked to above.

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