Weekend Humor: New “Luz” Camera Takes Photos for You

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Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t. We’re serious.

As cameras get smarter, it’s no longer about the image you want to take, it’s about the image you should take. Digital photography’s shot in the foot is that you can hold the shutter down in burst mode, and take shots until the cows actually come home. The folks at Luz Camera, a small outfit out of Sao Paolo of all places, said, “F*** that s***.” They made a camera that will take the image it thinks you should take.

The Luz is a strange device that’s been met with mixed reviews. While DxO Mark praises its technical specifications, sites with a more straightforward approach found it to be inherently difficult to work with. How it manages to defy the user’s vision is beyond everyone. I took it out for a spin a few weeks ago, and by the second day, I emailed them for a return shipping label.

Food critic Michael Schneider was in the market for a new camera when his iPhone earned him disgusted looks by most patrons at any given restaurant. With limited technical knowledge, he purchased the Luz on a whim. “I needed goddam camera,” he told us over the phone, “Anytime I took out my phone, the manager would tell me to ‘Get the f*** out.'”

The Luz proved to be a huge obstacle. “All I wanted was a f***ing photo of the f***ing eggs, and this thing takes a photo of some punk with his head hung over a cup of coffee,” Schneider said, “What the f*** am I supposed to do with that? I wasn’t even pointing the thing in that punk’s direction.”

We tried asking the folks at Luz Camera about how the thing manages to take photos that aren’t even in the frame, but they politely declined. They cited their mission statement: “To rid the photographic world of absolute s***.” Beyond that, it’s a mystery. In an effort to combat selfies, Luz Camera is in the process of marketing its product to teenage girls as a way to get the “most reblogs on Tumblr”.

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