Lewis Hines Photos Helped Put an End to Mass Child Labor in the United States


Photo via the Library of Congress

In the early 1900’s, Lewis Hines was commissioned to investigate and expose the horrors of child labor. His photos are available in the Library of Congress, and last year CBS News did a feature on the photos about a man that tried to connect families with the people in these photos. Even now, they are quite chilling to expose many of the problems with the business practice. Many didn’t even know that this world existed back then.

According to History Place, Hines quit his day job to be an investigative photographer and exposed kids as young as three years old working. While many states outlawed child labor in the 1830s, it was much more common for it to happen in rural farms. Various farms and mills also tried to cover up the work by saying the kids stopped by for a visit or were helping their mothers.

Hines’s work helped set a 40 hour work week and a ban on kids under 16 working. More of his photos as well as the CBS news story video are after the jump.

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